I am an Electrical Engineer that has worked in several different radio frequency companies in the United States during my 8 years in industry.  I recently decided that even though it has been several years since I received my masters degree, and I no longer know how to do the whole “school” thing, I would go back to school.  I decided that if I don’t get my PhD now I will most likely never obtain one.  So here I am studying in Sweden the birth place of cellular data with Lund University and Ericsson developing the first 2G, and 3G cellular phone data networks, implementing the worlds first 4G cell phone system, and being accredited with invention of Bluetooth (named after a Danish king). I am also figuring out how to live in a different country with my wife, and learning to become a better student and researcher.

Over the next few years I will be away from my friends and family, the people that I have built hundreds of different things with from dune buggies and jet engines to radio links and microwave guns. I always see new things that I am interested in and I am hoping to keep a short journal, not only of places I have traveled to, but of interesting things I see and projects I accomplish while I am far from home.