What would you like to do if money were no object? How would you really want to spend your life?


I believe this video really makes a person think. What makes me happy? How do I want to spend my life? For most people in grade school this was an easy question to answer: “Fireman, Astronaut, Pilot, etc…”, but as you get older you start to lose hope in the pursuit of dreams and happiness and start living to survive. If you were to evaluate your life today, what could you do every day that would make you happy regardless of money? Personally, I don’t know that I have a perfect answer for that question. I think most people have trouble answering this question.

I once heard someone say “You don’t want to work anywhere you’re not willing to get fired from”. This is a motto I have tried to live by, and it has helped me to be somewhat successful in my career. This one sentence has helped peruse the best engineering solution and best products possible, not just a good solution or good product. When this sentence was told to me I did not think it had anything to do with happiness but more about a successful career. The more I think about the statement it yells PASSION to me. What are you so passionate about that you would get fired for doing it, loose friends for attempting it, and get excited when thinking about it?

Christian author John C. Maxwell said “A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position.” Whether you have passion in following someone, leading someone, or being your own someone, have passion and happiness in your life and don’t let your current position dictate your happiness. I am sure if you follow your happiness it will be worth every dollar you did not make doing something else.

  • Tom M

    Interesting thoughts! When Joshua was born, and then when Zachary was born, and then again when Seth was born; I realized that I loved each of you unconditionally and you were the passion of my life! I had to take care of you and train you. I needed to work to provide for you. I made choices in my career based on what i thought was best for you. I have never regretted those choices. At the times I made the choices, I would have rather followed my technical or personal passion at that moment. But I worked hard and found other passions in what I did. My regrets are not that I did not pursue my perceived personal passions, but that I did not spend more time with you!

  • An insightful post there mate . Thanks for that .