There are a few different types of media that the Internet has to offer and I really appreciate the diversity.  I thought I would write a quick post on the differences between the different types and maybe you can comment to let me know if I should pick up some different ones or maybe stop reading one for one reason or another.

For extremely accurate information but at the cost of a large delay between when something occurred and when I see it in front of me, I still trust print media over anything on the Internet.  One type of print news media that I particularly enjoy is The New York Times.  The odd thing about me enjoying print media so much and trusting it so much is now I read it in a non print form, on my Kindle.  The New York Times, while often biased on particular matters, has great and trustworthy content.

If I want to know what happened in the last day or last couple of hours I trust these sources above most of the rest out there: Google News, CNNBBC and, The New York Times.

For the same delay as the above sources but often containing much more interesting news (and also less accurate: See the taser post) I turn to the following sources listed in my order of trust: The Register, The Telegraph, BoingBoing, Digg, and Gizmodo.

If I want to know what is happening right now or I am just straight up board I turn to: Reddit (While I enjoy Reddit I don’t trust the content)

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